From the afternoon of Feb. 5 to the evening of Feb 6, the mid-Atlantic region has been hit with record breaking snow! I think the highest total in my area is about 30+ inches!

The majority of area school systems are closed tomorrow (Monday Feb.8) due to the enormous amount of snow and unplowed side streets.

But, then we have DCPS…which is on a two hour delay…yep I said a TWO HOUR DELAY!!!

Are they serious? What about the safety of the kids especially the ones who use special needs transportation? Honestly, when they make these decisions, I don’t think they factor in special needs transportation.

Now, on Friday, when this storm just started to make it’s impact, I was driving on the DC streets and my tires were sliding! I don’t think an inch was even on the ground yet, but the roads were starting to get slick.

In my opinion, many of the DCPS buses are not fit to drive in this weather (let alone a rainy day!)

We had to park our buses in a lot the was a lot bigger than our regular lot. But, they have to dig all those buses out and then drive them to the lots (and clear our lots of 20+ inches of snow!) I’m not sure about how much snow the city of DC got, but I believe it’s probably comparable to the nearby counties.

This is insane. My car is still surrounded by snow and it’s evening. I didn’t plan on going to work anyway, due to the lack of my side street being barely plowed, packed down with ice (because the temperatures today didn’t reach above freezing and are dropping to about 5 to 15 degrees overnight) and even the closest interstate, that I drive to go into the city,  is not completely clear (my friend went out in it and shared this info with me!) Also, the fact I still have to be in to work at 6am, even though there is a delay, will not be possible,. I personally don’t think it’s worth it to risk sliding into someone’s vehicle, someone hitting me, getting stuck, slipping and falling, etc., then go into work and deal with those conditions and with school buses with bald tires! I have good attendance at work, but during this season, I am very cautious and try to use discernment on whether or not to go into work.

The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is even closed! SMH!

METRO ( which most DC school students utilize to get to school, was shut down today and hasn’t made an announcement as of yet to whether or not they will resume their services. They were only running underground trains, but not buses and above ground stations.

I don’t know how DCPS came to make that crazy decision. Their usual excuse is they want the kids to be able to eat breakfast/lunch. But, my question is, how many teachers are going to show up? How many special ed bus drivers are going to show up? Will the kids show up? What do most kids do with a two hour delay? Watch a movie, eat, maybe play in the gym….most of them do little to no work at all. The kids are better off staying home, avoiding unplowed sidewalks or slippery half-plowed street (cause most people walk in the street when the sidewalks aren’t clear) and dealing with a foot of snow covering their metro bus stop.

They may have the downtown DC area cleared out, but I doubt the plows have gotten to all the side streets and by now they are probably packed down with ice on top. I will not be surprised to see parents and kids heading out to the schools. If I had children, I wouldn’t put my kids through that, even though they are probably getting on their parent’s nerves by now! lol

One can only wait and see the outcome….

*edited to add….They made a decision to close the schools for tomorrow. Thank God!*