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A local news station is doing a series on the DC area’s “rush hour rebels.” who do whatever they can to beat the traffic.

“A national report last year named Washington traffic congestion the second worst in the country–only L.A. is worse — and we’ve seen enough traffic reports to know we spend an average of 62 hours a year stuck in delays.”

“HOV violators are nothing new, but people are astounded by the sheer audacity of it all. Just last week in New Jersey, a woman was ticketed for driving with a mannequin in the front seat. Many drivers say they’ve seen even worse.

Leesburg commuter David Clark says he’s “seen teddy bears, balloons with hats.”

It’s hilarious to see what people do just to shave a few minutes off the commute! I’m so glad I do not have to deal with a long commute to get to work or have to drive a long distance in the school bus (like some of my collegues do.) I don’t think I could take it everyday!

I’m with the folks who take an alternate route. If I can avoid sitting in traffic, I will. But sometimes, that’s not possible, and patience has to come into play. It’s not worth it, in my opinion, to put yourself at risk for an accident to go to work if you can take a day off. Some people just need to sit still for a little while and chill out. But, people are still being bold in this weather and many accidents are happening because of it.

I will try to keep up with the series so I can post the links here.


This came to my attention when this was posted on a message board I frequent.—14-Year-Old-Lil-Girl-Loads-Gun-And-Waves-it-Recklessly-On-School-Bus-.aspx?bcmediaid=dbbafaae-8123-41ce-80d6-0a7b2abaa7f6

I’m definitely an advocate for cameras on school buses. I especially need one on my bus. I think some parents are in denial about their children’s behavior and I think it’ll be good for all buses to have them.

It’s unfortunate that she had to bring a gun to school to solve a problem. It’s sad. I’m glad the football player was able to get the gun from her. I hope she gets the help she needs.