Wow…it’s a been a little while since I’ve updated my blog. I didn’t realize it was September since I posted. Now it’s a few days after Thanksgiving and a few more days until December!

A lot has changed since the last posting, but the one thing that hasn’t changed is my stance that I took in the last few postings. Discipline is still needed and it should be taken seriously. I’m so glad that I don’t have to deal with those kids anymore, but my heart and prayers go out to those who do have to deal with them and for the kids as well.

So, after I got myself off of the run (with the grace of God assistance) I was a “swing” (substitute) driver for about a month and a half. I met some interesting people and discovered that some people don’t have the same work ethic as I do (not saying I have it all together! lol) But, basically things like being on time is something I have had to deal with!

During that time, I was able to go on a few routes who didn’t have regular drivers. So, I was able to see what was available when the bidding time came up again. This time was actually pushed back several times due to employee complaints (smh!)

So, when they finally had it, there was some chaos and confusion! I personally didn’t prefer the method they used because I don’t think it was fair. In the beginning of the year, some people bid on routes and they didn’t get the school they bid on, but  they decided to still keep that route and they ended up wanting to stay on it. But, because of the bidding process, if they didn’t have the senority to stay there, they would have to go to another route. I think the driver/attendant should have been given a choice to stay on that route (especially if they were doing what they were supposed to do) and so they wouldn’t have to bid again. But, it didn’t work out that way. Some people still ended up with something they didn’t want. Also, I was on two routes (lol) so they let me stay on the first one.

The route that I’m on now has two schools. One school lets in at 7:15am and I pick up one child who lives about 6 minutes (or less) away from the school. He has his moments at times. I can tell that he’s a smart boy that doesn’t get much discipline.

The second school I pick up lets in at 8:30am. The kids all don’t live to far from each other. I’m glad I don’t have to cross any major bridges! They are decent kids. They are five middle schoolers with hormones a-raging! LOL

There are three girls and two boys and two of the girls just tease and flirt with the boys often and the boys just kinda chill and sometimes go back and forth with them….LOL

I’m so grateful to God that even though the beginning of the year was so hard, I was blessed with this route. I have my challenges, but it doesn’t compare to the other group of kids. Now, if I can only stay until the end of the year (without something happening beyond my control) I will be good!

Hopefully, I will update this blog more often.

God Bless!