The 09-’10 (I can’t believe I’m typing that) has started out on a sour note. After the ‘ease’ of summer school, I should have known the “storm was coming!” Some of the challenges I’ve faced since the first day of school are:

*Arriving to work on time, and encountering a long line (almost to the door) just to sign in and receive my trip sheet.

*Receiving a trip sheet only to see that another child has been added (who lives outside of the district) and read that I was supposed to leave 30 minutes ago.

*Asking for a bus (I’m still without one while others have their own) and having to wait around to get one (which makes me later). Also, having to deal with co-workers who steal buses (without reprimand!)

*Finally getting a bus and because they added a new child that lives out of the way of the others (in MD) it takes me an additional hour to get to my ‘regulars.’

*Getting to the ‘regulars’ homes late and my attendant telling me the parents are wondering why we are late (and why we have a different bus everyday?) Also, arriving to the school late since day one.

*Getting cursed out, and disrespected since day one by those who are on this route (there are 8 kids.) I had to actually return a child to his parent  (he hasn’t rode the bus since) because he didn’t want to put on his seat belt and sit by the window. Cursed out myself and my attendant because they are so used to doing what they want, when the rules are laid down, they don’t want to abide by them. It shocks me how some kids can’t even obey the basic bus rules. SMH…There was actually a fight today…thank God I had two attendants. I’m at my wits end with these kids and if God shows His mercy, I want to be off this one.  One good thing about this route is that the kids are not that far from each other and it’s easier to drive (most of the time.)

*Only God’s grace keeps me here. They are so dysfunctional it’s not funny at all. I’m hoping it’s get better, but changes need to happen. I know that budget cuts are causing challenges (we didn’t get any new buses this year) as well as other factors (mismanagement, incompetence) that are being bought to light. Also, an influx of new kids to the system is causing those who do the routing to put the kids anywhere and having a huge amount of kids per route. It’s a problem for me because I have alot of disobedient kids who are bound to react to petty things and cause all sorts of unnecessary drama on the bus. Unfortunately threatening them with a write up doesn’t put fear in their heart. One child even boasted about having been written up 16 times last year. (16 times???) This should not be. This system is broken!

I hope that it will improve in the coming days. There is a large task at hand, but it can be done. The only thing I can do is pray and show up. (which has been very hard lately.)

Meh… to year twelve.