I think this has got to be one of the best summers I’ve worked. Unfortunately, many of the attendants (that I mentioned in a previous blog) were furloughed, but some were called back. I think many of them made plans to take a vacation since they were not working. But, I talked to a few of them and they were extremely grateful to be able to work, because they had bills to pay! I still think there was a shortage, because many of the drivers were taking the attendants job this summer. There is always a reduced amount of routes in the summer, because many of the kids don’t attend summer school.

I only had two kids this summer. I was able to bid on my route and to get it for the summer. All of the children from the last school year was not on the list. For some reason, I thought they all would go. But, as I found out later, the school only approves a certain amount of children for attendance in the summer. Because they are a private school, they have their own policy unlike DCPS who allows any child whose parents want them to attend.

Summer school for DCPS started on June 29 and ended July 24. My school started on July 1 and just ended on July 31.

On the first day, I found out that one of my students was going on vacation the next day for two weeks. I found out another child on the roster (who was new) was not approved for summer school so he only rode the bus one day. I had one child in the PM (who rode another bus in the AM, but was on my bus in the previous school year) and he was pretty consistent.

He was out one week at the same time as the other child, so I didn’t have any kids to pick up for a week. It was kinda frustrating for me, because I still had to do some unneeded driving.

I was blessed to have an attendant who I met a few years ago. He remembered me and asked me did I have an attendant. I didn’t because my previous attendant was furloughed. They called her back to work, but she was on her way to visit her mother (which was long overdue!) So, he was able to hang with me for the summer and it was good! He did his job and is a friendly guy. He will be going back to his former lot (he was just on my lot for the summer).  I was also glad to have a newer bus with good air! Hopefully, I’ll be blessed with a good bus for the upcoming school year!

Our schedule was kinda unpredictable. Our supervisors liked to play games with us for some reason. One day they would let us go home early and somedays we had to wait out our time. I did appreciate those days when we were able to leave, though.

Now, it’s August and I think all of the schools are closed until the end of the month. So, normally we clean (which can be challenging), and gas up the buses. Sometimes we take buses through inspection and hopefully those buses that fail will be properly fixed.

I’m glad that summer school is through and I’m looking forward to what the 2009-2010 (wow I can’t believe it’ll be  2010!) will bring!