It’s finally here! I can’t believe how fast it came! My school’s official last day is June 12th! When I first started this school year I had another school, but as God’s providence would have it, I end the year with another one!

This year was a challenging one and I’m so glad it will be over soon.

Now the summer awaits me. I will be working for summer school, but unfortunately my attendant will not be with me! ::cries::

The economic crisis has hit our section (transportation) and they furloughed my attendant along with other because,  we supposedly, went over our budget. The “furloughed” employees are supposed to be getting unemployment as well as a job offer for the next school year. Hopefully they will get their jobs back because they are needed.

A new group of people (appointed by Mayor Fenty) are scheduled to take over next school year, so I anticipate many changes coming. But, for now, I will focus on summer school because I have to bid for a route. I’m not sure if I can get the same school with the same kids, but I will try. I hope that I get an attendant that does his/her best to come to work everyday, and treats me and the kids with respect. Also, I want this person to not be afraid to discipline the kids, not playing with them.

Four more days and counting!