I now have ten children on my bus and since there are about two months left of the school year, I hope there are no more! We have run out of seats (most of the seats are so small, I don’t too of them could comfortably sit on them.

Unfortunately, one of my kids (who just rides in the morning) got caught shoplifting (info from one of the kids in his class), but because the teacher told me that he is not to be picked up for school until further notice, I guess that was accurate. Yikes!

In the recent weeks, I’ve had communication issues with parents. One parent told her child and the child’s aunt that he was not riding the bus the next day, but instead she wants to change her mind (after I don’t go by there) and call in to tell ask us why he wasn’t picked up. I was not very happy when my dispatcher called me to tell me to turn around and go pick him up because I didn’t have any “paper work” which noted he wasn’t going that day.

Most of the time, some parents tell me not to come and I don’t come. I haven’t had any problems until this lady. And when I inquired to my dispatcher about telling the parent to come to the bus so I could talk to her, the dispatcher said “It’s not a requirement for the parent to come to the bus because were a ‘door to door’ service.” Huh? Not a requirement? In my opinion, that is not a good policy.

I ended up not going back, because it would’ve taken too long to get him to school, since I was almost at the school, (which is 30 minutes away from his address)  they let out early that day, and the parent decided that it wasn’t worth it. SMH!

What parent would not want to see their child’s driver or attendant? If I had a child who rode the school bus, I would at least want to meet them once! Myself or my attendant have never seen this particular child’s mother! But, If I have an issue that I’d like to speak to a parent with (like the child’s behavior) why can’t I speak to her? Well, my dispatcher told me that I should just “write him up,” and it would be taken care of.  But, if I want something adressed immediately, what is paperwork going to do? Those people who handle “write-ups” have a whole lot them to go through and they have to determine what is urgent or not. Then, they (who are far removed from the incident) has to relay by a phone call, that their child is doing whatever on the bus. That’s just crazy to me!

I can understand if the parent works and they say “so and so is going to pick up (or be home) for the child because I work.” It’s frustrating. I find that if I have a parent who is willing to correct an issue that takes place on the bus, their children have better overall behavior. But if the parents are slacking with discipline, it also shows.

More parental accountability is needed!