This is the result of the bus I took through inspection this morning.  Apparently, many buses failed inspection today. When I handed the paper to my manager, she let out a sigh and said, “Not again!” My supervisor asked me did the bus pass and I told him it didn’t. He said, “It’s not going to be good tomorrow” (meaning that we will have a shortage of buses but the number of routes will not change.) He said that “he was going to call out” (not come in to work tomorrow.) I told him that he couldn’t do that because he is a supervisor. LOL That is what happens when you have buses that are as old as I’ve been working there (11years) and they are bound to have some minor issue. (By the way, the bus that failed had minor issues, nothing major.)

We shall see what the outcome will be tomorrow. I’ve been through bus shortages where they double routes (not a good thing sometimes) and at least one of the schools (or if the kids go to the same school but live in different parts of the city) end up getting there late. But, I think what their logic is for doing that is that the want them to get to school (regardless of the lateness), but it’s a strain on the driver and attendant.

On my lot, they just made it mandatory that it is smoke free! I’m glad about that….but now I have to face the smokers just before I go into the lot….ugh!

There is supposed to be some upgrades made to the bathrooms. They have done little, but my supervisor said that it’ll eventually get done. Meanwhile, we still have to deal with the immaturity of folks and their “uncleanliness.” It’s sad to see grown people do some of the things that they do. Just gross! I don’t want to go into specifics, but people (women primarily) need to clean up after themselves!

We had a meeting last week and it seems they emphasize the same things repeatedly. No double parking, no stealing of buses, bathroom issues, etc. One of my co-workers stated what I’ve been feeling for a while now, “why do they always repeat the same things, but they are never enforced?”

My supervisor said that they are being taken care of, it’s just not being publicized. So, how is there going to be a “respect” for the rules if nobody knows there is discipline going on? I still see the “double parkers” who are in the way of the buses and makes it difficult for us to go in and out of the lot and I have heard, recently, of buses that have been taken….so, I don’t know…just gotta pray!

I feel sorry some of the kids (and attendants) that ride on the buses, because of some of the driving habits of the drivers. I’ve encountered many drivers who go in and out of traffic, speed, cut off people (including their co-workers) in the street. Now, I know that we are on a schedule and we need to do our best to get the kids to school on time (it is very important). But, are we aware of how our “driving behavior” affects our passengers?

I know I have my moments when I have to get a little “aggressive” (that’s how the majority of people drive in DC) but I am considerate of the fact that I want my “passengers”  to feel at ease and that they can trust me. I hope they don’t think I drive “recklessly”, but I would be very afraid if I was an attendant or a kid riding on the bus and had near accidents or been involved in an accident that was the fault of the driver. I think I would be traumatized.

So, my fellow co-workers, (If they even read this) please take into account that there are passengers on your bus and drive like you have some sense! I know there are some routes where the kids are “off the hook”, so do your best to safely and quickly get them home!