DCPS does it again. They decide to have  a two hour delay instead of being like the other local school systems who closed their schools down today.

As I look out my window, I see ice everywhere (on the street, on the sidewalk and on the trees!)

Who makes these decisions? Do they not see what I see? Do they not think about the safety of these kids (who have to walk or catch the bus to school?) Do they not care about the safety of the school buses (there are some people who don’t know DC does have school buses) that have to navigate on these icy, barely touched by plows, side streets?

I think DCPS officals are crazy to think they can “out do” all the other local counties and clear all of the side streets in the city. (Most of the time, those streets are untreated for days!)

That’s why I think DCPS Transportation should make their own decisions. If the buses in the other counties are not driving, then they should not be driving as well.

My school is located in PG county and is closed. Montgomery County buses as well as PG county also deliver kids to that school. But yet, my supervisor asks me to come in and help them. As long as I see ice everywhere, I won’t be going anywhere!

I may be a little more confident to navigate the streets if the buses (tires and brakes) were in better condition. But, unfortunately, that’s not the case. You can’t do much on ice but slip and slide all over the place, and our attendants have to deal with walking down the ice filled sidewalks.

If I was a parent, I would not allow my child to go to school. Alot of the public schools don’t have their sidewalks clear, and if they do, the kids have to walk to school on the sidewalks that are untreated. But, I know that there are parents that have to work and there are some parents who will risk their child getting on the school bus, when they stay home and can keep them home with them (for a payoff opportunity from a possible accident smh!) That is seriously the mentality of some of these parents.

I pray all who are driving and walking will be safe. Great job DCPS. (*sarcasm*)