This not stand for “New Kids on The Block”, but it stands for “New Kid on The Bus!” LOL

I have a new boy (where are the girls?) that officially started to ride the bus yesterday (Monday.) He lives in Anacostia on a very steep hill. Since, the school is closed today (not because of the snow, this was already a day-off on their calendar), I didn’t have to deal with the challenge of that hill today. But, there is tomorrow and I’m not sure what the weather conditions are going to be (the weather report is calling for more sleet/rain this evening into tomorrow morning) and DCPS doesn’t like to close on these type of days. So, I guess I’ll be going into work tomorrow, unless something changes. It’s crazy to me, because when DCPS makes the decision to close (or not to close) schools, they don’t take into consideration the transportation division.

We have our rules to whether or not we’ll be providing transportation (depending upon the decisions of those who don’t have any ties to transportation.) There is no taking into account the conditions of the side streets that many of the kids live on. It’s difficult to manuever a bus on a slippery, unplowed street. Going up hills are even more challenging when the tires aren’t in that great of a condition and the brakes are either.

I remember the first year I started driving the school bus and I was caught up in a snow event. I was in Rockville (I was a swing driver at the time) and I was glad to have, as my attendant that day, a ‘full timer’ who had been a former driver, to navigate me through the streets and thank God I was able to get from Rockville to DC safely.

I also remember when I first started working at DCPS and there was an ice event. You could not walk in the street or sidewalk at a risk of slipping and falling. So, ‘brilliant’ DCPS decides to keep schools open. At that time, my sister worked with me and my father dropped us off at work. When we got to work, they were telling folks that DCPS had made the decision to close schools (that was about 6:30am!) So, thank God my father didn’t leave yet, or we would have been struggling to get to the metro to go home! lol

I have to say, DCPS has made some good decisions concerning whether or not schools will be open or closed during inclement weather, but I do think they have made some unwise decisions as well. Matter of fact, they are open today. (as well as Prince George’s County.)