After the historical inauguration, folks are leaving town. I had to encounter minor congestion driving into work this morning on New York Ave. going into DC(around 6am) and going back to work from my short break (around 11am.)

Also, since I get off work early every Wednesday (my school has a half day) I ran into more congestion on the Baltimore Washington Parkway.

I was not here for the events yesterday. I was in Jacksonville, FL for a wedding. It was actually on Saturday, but I decided to stay until yesterday (it was a cheaper flight) and I watched the some of it on CNN. I saw on TV how  a local metro station was packed with people. I had sympathy for those folks who actually had to go to work and got caught up in the midst of it.

Today, we had no water for the bathrooms in the employee trailer. So, we had use of two or three bathrooms for over 100+ women! They eventually shuttled those who had to use the bathroom to another bus lot. But according to one of my co-workers, the facility should’ve been shut down.  I did see some people doing work with the plumbing, and it’ll be interesting to see what will happen tomorrow. I thought they did good to get new toilets, but some of my fellow co-workers are still abusing the bathroom privileges with their trifling selves! LOL

Lastly, it’s amazing to me the fascination that my kids (on the bus) have with violent video games. They speak of shooting and killing people, blowing up people, running over people, etc. It makes me wonder why some of them are so violent and ready to fight at the drop of a dime. I wonder what these parents are allowing them to indulge their minds in and do they really care about the outcome?