…of this new year was quite challenging!

The week started out with much rain and cold! Driving in the rain brings traffic backups. Accidents, breakdowns, you name it, has happened because of those weather conditions.

It doesn’t take much to happen on the roads for there to be a major backup and folks still speed in the rain. I have to take my time because the brakes on my bus seem to struggle when it’s wet.

When I returned on Monday morning, the assigned bus for my route still reeked of diesel fumes, so I had to get another. The bus I’m driving now is better, it hasn’t given me much problems. It has over 115,000 miles and sometimes struggles in acceleration, but it does the job.

My kids have been cool. They have their moments, but overall, they have been behaving nicely.

Parking on the bus lot has been almost stressful. There are a lot of buses and limited space. I had to move a few buses because of I was blocked in. One time I had to get some fuel for the bus and had to move the bus that was parked in front to me. When I came back, someone had taken my space! SMH! I had to find another space.  When searching for another space, it’s frustrating to see the selfishness of some of my co-workers who park in a space that is meant for two buses and take the key off the bus because they don’t want anyone to move “their” bus. SMH again!

I was glad that the kids were able to get to school and home in a decent time.