2009 is here and it’s surreal to me.

I guess because it’s only day two of the new year, it hasn’t sunk in as of yet.

This is the last official day of my vacation and I’m sad! It has flew by. Back to work on Monday!

It’ll be refreshing to go back after this two and a half week break. I wonder if I’ll see any new faces…

I resolve to pray to have a better attitude and appreciation for my job. ( 1 Peter 2:18, Colossians 3:22) Also, to do a better job at treating my co-workers better (even the ones I don’t particularly care for) and to treat the kids that I transport with a positive attitude and discipline when needed.

I hope this year will be better than the last year, with more positive changes will be made to transportation and that there will be more emphasis on bus safety and the facility maintenance. I hope more of my co-workers appreciation for their job would change, knowing that  it’s not easy to get a job (such as what we have and for the money we are making) in this area, and that they have a better attitude.