It’s been a while since I  blogged. Here is an update. I was able to participate in a “mini-bid” which means that as new routes are made, the “swing” people (those without permanent routes) are able to choose whatever is available by seniority.

I was thinking about three schools, but I narrowed it down to one school. I was able to get the one I wanted.

But, since I hadn’t been to this school in a while, I forgot what type of school it was. Well, it was a school for the kids that struggle in their behavior. It showed the first day I had the route.  Every child on this route is a boy. Two of them were talking loudly and frequently.

My attendant had to remind them, several times, of their behavior. They decided they wanted to talk back to her and that’s where I stepped in. A child that talks back is not something that I like. I had to correct him, but he still was mouthing off.

So today, I wanted them to be separated. Somehow, my attendant still had them in a place where they could talk. SMH I thought that she would’ve put them more far apart. I had to encourage her to move them far away so they couldn’t have any contact with each other. Of course, one of them had an attitude because he had to move, but I needed to concentrate while I was driving. I wouldn’t mind them talking to each other if they could have self-control, but they can’t, so I have to do what I have to do. I also started picking up this new little boy who decided that he wanted to tell the boys in the back to “shut up.” Unfortunately, when I first saw him, I had a feeling he was a little mischievous. I was right and I had to cut that behavior off quickly. I’m glad he doesn’t ride the bus in the PM.

After they were moved, the ride was quiet and I got them home on time.

This is going to be a challenging one! I’ll do my best though. (By the grace of God!)