I know that DCPS can only do so much and the employees have to take responsibility for their actions. I’m very frustrated about the condition of the women’s bathroom at the lot where I work. I know most of the women would agree.

Sometimes I have flashbacks of my high school bathroom. It seems like the supplies go quickly. Sometimes it seems as if people are taking the supplies. I know there are a lot of ladies that use the restroom, but I don’t see how it’s possible that ten rolls of toliet paper can be narrowed down to just one half roll for the whole bathroom in one day!

I don’t see how two big rolls of paper towels can be used in one day. I think people use too much. I try to use just enough that I need, knowing that others will need to use it after me.

I don’t understand how grown women stuff paper towels in the toliet, don’t flush the toliet, don’t wipe the seat off, miss the toliet with their toliet paper and leave it on the floor, etc. It’s just nasty.

I also blame a little bit on the clean-up people. They “half-clean.” They only do enough to get by. I’ve heard that one lady who came and cleaned the bathroom had a lot of problems with people needing to use the restroom while she was cleaning. People need to be more courteous. I know that when you have to go, you have to go, but people need to be mindful that it won’t be clean like they want it (and complain about it) if they continue to interrupt her.

So, she is gone and whoever is taking her place does the half- cleaning. If I had more control of my bladder, I’d hold it so I won’t have to go in there. I do think they need more stalls. I think the women out number the men on my lot, so I think it’ll be a worthy investment to get some more. We have five in our employee trailer and two in a separate trailer (that need help in the cleaning and supply area as well.) I can only hope and pray the conditions get better, and I’ll do my part in keeping it clean.