Well, this has been a junior high/middle school” week! The route I did on Wednesday came back to haunt me on today. This time, because of the grace and gift of God, I remembered where I of the kids lived. Miss attendant did not have to assist me, and she barely had her eyes open the whole morning! SMH!

I know from the previous time I was with her that she wasn’t feeling well. She told me the previous day (Thursday) she didn’t come to work because she was sick. I had to wake her up a few times to let her know that we had arrived at a child’s home!

So, by the grace of God, we arrived at the school on time. The kids were pretty chill, because they are probably still tired from last night and getting up early in the morning. But, the evening run was very aggravating. Miss Attendant let the kids do whatever they wanted. They were behind her (which is a no-no, because you can’t see them if they are behind you), they were passing licks, yelling at each other (and out of the window), going from seat to seat, not having their seat belts on, all the while she would say a few words to them, but she barely turned around in her seat! I have a mirror above my head so I can see all that is going on behind me. I gave the kids a few looks and they seemed to sense my eyes on them, but I only said a few words.

Normally, if I see an attendant having a difficulty with the students, and is making an effort, then I will assist in speaking to the kids and reaffirming the fact that they should listen to the attendant. But in this instance, the only time I would have raised my voice if only they were totally out of control and  I couldn’t concentrate while driving.

In my observation, these kids are not a rowdy bunch. They seem like they have some fear of adults, but it takes someone who really cares to sit in the back with them, engage them and discipline them when needed. Believe me, the kids know who cares and don’t care and they show it by their actions. The driver and attendant set the tone for the bus environment.

Later on, miss attendant, who didn’t get off the bus for most of the kids (which is a job requirement) and who didn’t have a full uniform on, was talking about how the other employees “talk to the supervisors rudely” and other issues. Basically, she was pointing the finger at what the other employees where doing as opposed to herself.

Now, I realize I could’ve been more vocal in my response, but I was trying to listen more than speak. I got a few words in, though.

I’m examining myself and asking the Lord to give me boldness to speak what I need to speak to my co-workers.