It seems as if I have been going to middle schools all this week. This particulary school I had today is known having kids with behavior problems and I saw that today. This group of kids (I thank God there were only three of them) was off the hook. Well, mainly one who influenced the other two. I could tell that the “rowdy one” needed some discipline. He did not like when my attendant or I spoke to him. He had an attitude about putting a seatbelt on, and that is a given, being that he is riding in a vehicle. He also had a phone where he had music on and he was playing it loudly. My attendant had to talk to him several times about his annoying behavior.

I praise God I know the city (for the most part), because I took them dudes home as fast as I safely could! LOL….I think that was a record to me. But, it also helped that they lived pretty close to each other. When I arrived at the second child’s house, another student got out his seatbelt and got in his face. I don’t know what made him react like that. May the Lord have mercy on me tomorrow.

I’m also disappointed that the mini-bid didn’t take place today. It was rescheduled to December 12. I’m going to start to pray the outcome of that and that I’ll be lead by the Spirit concerning what to choose.