I don’t have my own route, but I have been working. It never fails….I get hit with something when I come in. I know there are alot of other drivers that are available, but I seem to get picked over them.

I talked to my union rep and his explanation was that “I have seniority.” I know that, but since I’m in that (swing) position by default, shouldn’t I get put back to the end of the list and everyone who actually bid for that positon be a prority? SMH!

It’s not like I don’t want to work, but it’s frustrating. My co-worker told me that a “swing driver” didn’t do anything. I don’t know if this person is in my window, but this person is new. They should be a priority to send out because most of them need the practice and don’t know the city. That’s what happened to me when I started to drive. I also think it’s because I will get the job done and not play around, is why my supervisor chooses me.

The routes I’ve done have been ok. The first day I had young ones (about 4 years old). For the past couple of days I’ve had junior high (middle school) students. I’ve never had a junior high school for a whole school year. It’s something about those years that unsettles me. Maybe it was my traumatic seventh grade year! (Another topic for another day!) Today’s kids lived all over DC…it was kinda frustrating. The attendant for this route asked me if I was going to drive for her tomorrow (I think her driver took a vacation for a few days) and I told her I didn’t know. She wants me to, and I’m not sure I want to…

I was contemplating not going into work tomorrow. I’m tired for some reason. It may be the fact that I’ve been stuffing my face with a bunch of not so healthy food. I’m going to get back on track next week and cut out the junk. The only reason I am going in tomorrow is because there is supposed to be a “mini-bid” (an opportunity for me to choose another route) tomorrow. Now, when I checked to see if the notice was still up, it apparently was taken down. So, I hope that it’s still going on. I will be very disappointed if it doesn’t.