I haven’t been blogging too much because nothing much has changed.

Child #1 is still getting on the bus whining…It is very annoying and I had to get firm with him. He knows all that he is doing (whining), and when he is told to stop, he wants to get louder. He probably is upset with me, but hey….I don’t wanna hear him acting like it’s the first day of school and he won’t ever see his mommy again!

His mother ‘babies’ him. She better stop it now, because he’ll be a teen and still act like a ‘baby.’ I think because he has multiple ailments (disabilites) she thinks he’s fragile. He may be ‘fragile’ physically, but he can talk and sing loud and I’m sure his ‘hind part’ can sustain a rod! LOL

I also found out child #2 is in the hospital. She apparently has something wrong with her lungs, as her grandmother mentioned. I think it may be pneumonia. I’m not sure, but she is critical care. So, I’m praying for her, that she will be treated well and heal in God’s time.