In my years of driving, I realize that not everyone takes driving as seriously as I do (maybe I need to lighten up?) or knows all the rules of driving. If they do know, because of impatience, they choose to ignore the rules of the road.

Selfishness prevails when behind the wheel. People “gotta get to where they gotta go” right? If you are driving to slow, they are going to be up on your tail to try to intimidate you (this even happens in the slow lane) or they cut you off.

I know that I’m not perfect, I have my moments when I’m impatient, but I do try to be courteous to folks. I get easily frustrated or irritated when someone doesn’t know what they are doing when they are on the road.

Now granted sometimes people don’t know where they are going and are flustered…but they are times when people go the same exact way everyday to work and do the same dumb things. Some people do not pay attention to the traffic lights, patterns etc. People know that up ahead the lane is going to end, but they wait until the last minute to cut someone off because they don’t wanna wait. Craziness and rudeness.

What’s up with the people that don’t know basic driving things? Like what are hazard lights or “four way flashers?” Unfortunately, my bus broke down and I had those lights on, so that when someone comes up behind me, they’ll see that I’m obviously not able to move. Why did some people come up behind me and blow their horn at me? SMH….please take the person’s license!

I had to ask someone if the lights were working and they told me they were. What was up with those silly folks?

People need to get refresher courses everytime their license it’s up for renewel….but then again, people are going to do what they want to do regardless of the information they receive. That’s human nature.

Here are some very good defensive driving tips I came across on an online search.

  • Pay attention! With the advent of cell phones, GPS systems, satellite radio, and other attention-grabbing gadgets, distracted driving is quickly becoming one of the top causes of accidents. How many times have you heard the excuse “I never saw the car” or “He came out of nowhere!” to explain an accident? Both of these excuses point to inattention. Try to focus solely on the task of driving next time you’re on the road. If you must play with your gadgets, eat, talk on a cell phone, etc., either do it at stoplights or pull over.
  • Operate under the assumption that other drivers are maniacs who are not paying attention. This is also known as the “never assume” rule of defensive driving. Always assume the worst in other drivers. That means that, if you see a turn signal, assume the driver is NOT actually going to turn. Likewise, assume that cross-traffic WILL run red lights, which is why you should pause and look left before starting into an intersection.
  • Yield, yield, yield! This is where you might have to shelve your pride and your ego. Remember that no one ever yielded his/her way into an accident. Even when you are due the right-of-way, let the other person have the road to avoid confusion and collisions. People are often uncertain on right-of-way rules, so, when in doubt, just yield. The outcome matters more than the principle, in this case.
  • Don’t tailgate. When you follow too closely, you are almost guaranteed an accident if even the slightest little error were to occur, on your part of that of any other driver on the road. A sudden brake from one vehicle several cars ahead of you could mean a 10-car pile-up when people follow too closely. Use the two-second rule of following distance.
  • Slow down! Because the lights are timed and other drivers tend to take their sweet time, speeding rarely ever results in appreciable time-savings. However, it does increase your risk of an accident in two ways: cutting the time you have to react and building up of more stored energy that will cause more damage to you and others in an accident. When you don’t speed, not only will you avoid accidents, but you will also avoid tickets. This means you will continue to enjoy reasonable low deductible auto insurance premiums.