I came across this article and it’s nothing but the truth.


“That’s an everyday thing,” said Lawrence Holley, the child-care assistant who greets the children as they get off the bus. “Cars don’t even pay attention to the stop sign.”

I see this to be true with me. I have a one child now that has to cross the street in front of the bus because he lives on a one way street. I had another child earlier this year where I had a problem. People are so impatient! Instead of just going around the block, they are so rude and run the stop sign. They show no consideration for the fact that this child may be a “runner” and run right in front of their vehicle, then they’ll be upset when they hit them. SMH!!! Impatience is a beast!

“In New York, the penalty for passing a stopped school bus starts at $250 for a first violation and rises to a maximum of $1,000 for three violations in three years.”

In DC, there is a fine of $500 to run a stop sign. But, we have to be so specific in our decription of the vehicle and have the tag number (of course.) They don’t enforce this law, and they could be making a killing!

Peter Lawrence, the director of transportation for Fairport Central School District, said another problem is motorists who don’t slow down when buses start blinking their yellow lights as a signal that the bus is about to stop.

“Some people stop as soon as they see (yellow lights) and others treat them like a traffic light meaning ‘let’s speed up so I can get through the intersection,'” he said. “Drivers ought to slow down.”

That happens to me often. I’m courteous enough to give people “a warning” so that they can make a decision to wait behind me, or go down another street. Most of the time, instead of people making a “wise” decision, they wait behind me, blow their horn when I’m taking too long for them, or try to squeeze around my stop sign….Wisdom truly comes from the Lord!

“I have tons of people running my red lights, vehicles of every shape and form,” he said. “I’ve tooted my horn but it doesn’t seem to help. A lot of people are on their cell phones when they’re doing it.”

Don’t get me to talk about these folks driving with their cell phones….if you cannot multi-task while sitting still, don’t try to multi-task while driving….People barely pay attention when they are on their phone, and although it’s illegal to put your phone to your ear in DC (you have to have an earpiece) I see it often…I’ve even seen a police officer disobeying the law! SMH!

If you are reading this article, please be careful out there. When u see a bus put on their yellow lights, just know that they are about to stop. Sometimes bus drivers do some stupid things (like dropping kids off in an unsafe place) so be alert. Some kids want to do what they want to do when they are getting off the bus. They often don’t pay attention as they should and step out in the street with boldness. They forget that some folks behind the well aren’t paying attention as well. I’m glad I don’t have to deal with a group of kids getting off my bus at one time. Please be alert out there! 🙂