On Nov. 4, DCPS decided they wanted to keep the schools open. The school that I go to had a very long line, almost a block long. (I’m glad a lot of people exercised their right to vote.)It was a challenge to get my kids through the front door. To top that off, folks were peeved at me because I was waiting for my attendant to come out of the school. There was a traffic jam and the street is already very narrow. I had two people approach me about moving the bus. I was a little ticked and and talked a little too much….I had to ask for God’s forgiveness, because I could’ve reacted differently. Next time, I think DCPS needs to consider closing the schools down for the sake of the kids.

In the evening, there were a few people going in to the school. It was a ‘ghost town’ compared to the morning. Most of my co-workers were rooting for Obama and they got their wish today.

Mr. Obama is the president…..my co-workers were very elated to see that a ‘black man’ was voted in as President of the USA. I was grieved. I am glad that I was allowed to see a historical moment take place, but I felt like my co-workers see him as some kind of ‘savior’ for the black race.

I think that they think that since Obama is in office, they’ll have some kinda favor from him because they are black folks. He is still a politician and there is still a Congress and they may be disappointed in whatever they expect (whatever that is) will change or be gained because of his position.

We shall see…I will definitely be praying for Obama and his family as well as the whole government.