Just when I thought I was going to have my three kids for a while, they give me an updated roster with a new student. He starts Monday. He happens to be a little out of the way of the other kids, but it should still work out that they are make it to school on time.

In the evening, they have me dropping the new kid off in another part of the city that is way out of the way of the other kids. Although they have him going there first, I will not have the “regulars” riding on the bus for over an hour (I’ll be heading into the heart of traffic). So, the new kid will be my last drop-off. He is just going to have to wait. If he is on the bus over an hour, they just may take him off again.

Warning to myself….don’t get to comfortable….It seems we are short of drivers. This is the season where folks are getting sick, or their children are getting sick and they are not making it in to work. Routes are being doubled….I hope it doesn’t affect me too much!

It’s kinda sad that parents send their sick children out on the bus, which makes it easy for us to catch something. Sometimes, we don’t know what it is. I just have to pray that I don’t catch anything and to be careful of what I touch, to wash my hands and not put my hands on my face (which can be a bad habit.)

I hope I can make it through the winter…..I don’t do to well when the ice comes! 🙂