Yesterday night, I was talking to one of my sisters in Christ, who is a new wife/mother and she is very young (I think 21 or 22 years old). She was saying that because her family just moved into a new place, she doesn’t have cable or internet. She also doesn’t have a car to get around in this new area and she doesn’t really know the area well. Well, since I have a break in the middle of the day from my job, I offered to come there soon to visit her and fix her and her son some lunch.

Now, they live in Baltimore County and I work in DC. I think it’ll easily take me an hour to get there. But, if I could drive out to Fairfax County, VA to go to school (which takes about the same amount of time), then I can surely drive out there and spend time with her to encourage her and play with her son. I realize that it can be lonely being a stay at home mom and not really have anyone else but your child to communicate with. I’ve heard a lot of them say that it’s refreshing for them to have an “adult” to talk to every once in a while. LOL

I realize that I have a unique work schedule. When I shared with my young sister about me having this break, she gave me the “bug eyed” look! LOL Mostly everyone around me works a ‘traditional’ schedule (9-5, 8-7, 7-3:30 or a night schedule.) I’ve been on my schedule, 6:30am-10am to 2pm-5:30pm, for a good amount of time.

I used to (as still do at times) get very annoyed when my family asked me to run errands for them during my break time….I have my own set things to accomplish during that time and when my brother asks me to “Take him to the bank,” my sister asks me to, “Pick up a package from the Post Office that she missed because she wasn’t home to receive it yesterday,” or my father asks me to “Pay the cable bill for him,” it made me feel like I was being taken off the course that I planned…

Can you see how selfish that is? Now, I know that I cannot say “Yes” to everything. But, if it’s I can do it, I should sacrifice “the time that is granted to me as a gift from God” to serve them.

Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others. Philippians 4:2

I read that scripture this morning and it reminded me of what I should be really focused on. God has gifted me with this job and with this ‘unique’ schedule to do what I need to do, but also seek ways in how I can help someone who is at home during the day. Someone who may be disabled (like one of my sisters who has a chronic illness where she is pain often) or a stay at home mom that I can spend time with seeking her wisdom or to help her with household chores. I don’t have a whole lot of time (I have about 3 1/2 hours), but a little time spent with others goes very far.

This book has been very encouraging to me.

I’m gleaning a lot from it about how, since I’m in the body of Christ, should make an effort to love sacrificially as Jesus did. Living out practically what the Word says about how I am to love others and how it really affects people to think of them more than myself.  I pray that what I receive from this book will stick with me and I will live it out.

God Bless.