Since my last post, I’ve lost two of my kids. Because DCPS Transportation has a rule that kids who live in the city and attend a school in the city cannot be on the bus anymore than 60 minutes, they moved the kids on another route. Unfortunately, I was approached by the driver that has those kids and was told that the mother of one of the kids was very rude. That lady was rude to myself and my attendant in the beginning of the year, but she chilled out. I feel sorry for the new driver and her attendant, because this particular parent has called and reported them. The allegations are apparently false, but they are under investigation. Sad!

I’m going to have to take off work on Oct. 28, because my father is having surgery for a Hernia. I really didn’t want to take off for the whole day, because I was worried about my attendant. I thought that he may have been able to schedule it during my break time, but he has to be there by 9am. I know this will be a challenge because this is the first time (that I know of) that my father has had any type of surgery. This is new for all of my immediate family. My sister will be there to help out and support my father once he gets from surgery. I pray all goes well.

I told my attendant that I’m taking off and she drops the bomb on me…she is most likely going to take care of her mother, who lives in South Carolina. I’ll be sad when she leaves. She is a rare jewel. She said that she’ll be leaving in December. Until then, I’ll try to take advantage of the time she’s here and start praying for another. My job likes to switch up attendants, when the main one leaves, on a daily basis. I would like to have just one of them and for that person to be a newbie! But, I really just want an attendant that is faithful to coming to work and doing their job. I want my kids to have someone who is stable and firm, but caring, with them and I don’t have to worry about trying to drive and be a bus attendant at the same time! May the will of God be done.