Well, it seems that we have some “furry friends” in the parking lot where I park my car (across from the lot where I work.)

There is an abandoned old school building in the same area. There are also a few homeless people who dwell near the parking lot. Their goods and their trash are piling up in that area. That’s where the rats dwell. ICK!!!

I had no idea that they were there until a co-worker says to me, “You walk through this lot? Rats are over there!” Why did she tell me that? LOL

My co-workers are so dramatic! They are about to trip and fall to get away from the rats. Every time they go pass a particular spot (where the homeless folks are) they are always on guard, looking around for them.

I choose to ignore them. If I choose to go that way, then I just walk quickly away from the area and ignore the fact that they may be dwelling there. But one day, I just couldn’t ignore it. The place where I guess they are normally hiding was exposed and I saw them! ICK!!! I ran away like I was a little kid. LOL I hope they don’t run across my feet one day. I don’t know what I’d do!

I actually saw the racoon for the first time on Friday…My co-workers said a racoon has made his home in a tree on the bus lot….I don’t think I’ve seen it. (I don’t really want to!) I had no choice on Friday, because I was sitting in my car waiting for my sign-in time and the little thing came out of the cut and started walking in between some cars that were on my left. I was kinda startled by it, because I had no clue that they were coming in that part of the lot. ICK!!!