Maybe I’m a “weirdo”, but I don’t like speeding.

If I have to speed, because I’m late, then that’s when I do it and I don’t like it even then.

It seems that it’s a natural thing for folks to drive over 70 mph (on the highway.)

The speed limits in the MD/DC/VA area varies. I don’t think any speed limit is over 65mph. I try to keep my speed to no more that 10mph over the limit  (even though I know I need to do the limit.) I find (for myself) that it’s very difficult to maintain 45mph (this is the limit on a local parkway in my area), when someone is up on your bumper (in the slow, right lane) if you decided you just wanna “take your time and drive.”

The mentalilty of the majority of the drivers I’ve encountered in this area is very aggresive, and really for no reason. If folks just leave early enough, they don’t have to drive crazy!

Also, on the residental streets, there are a lot of folks who are in a hurry. Why do people speed up to a red light? The light is red! People are just wasting their brakes.

I guess my driving mentality is different than most because I have a CDL and I drive for a living. It seems easy for me to get a ticket than others. Knowing that my job depends on having a clean license keeps me from being reckless. I pray before I get on the road for alertness and wisdom.

I don’t always do well. I have a slight aggression concerning certain crazy things that I see while driving. I’ve had near accidents and other close calls. I think God for His grace! I know I need to have mercy on other drivers. I know there are some out there who don’t like to drive and have to anyway. There are others who are just starting out and others who don’t know there way around and are struggling to get around.

Prayer definitely helps!