Since I had the “embarrassing moment” on yesterday, don’t you know that the ladies that I sit with looked down at my feet to make sure I didn’t have “mismatched” shoes on today! LOL!  AM I going to live that down? I wonder how I got those shoes on the right feet? SMH!!

A complex that I pick one of my kids up from is called “Paradise.” It in a huge circle and it has several “courts.” Harmony, Justice, Courage, Unity, Freedom, Faith, and Miracle.

Well…apparently this “Paradise” had a bad reputation back in the days (late 80’s to mid 90’s). These apartments were on the news for drugs and violence. I haven’t heard anything lately, but I know there is no real “Paradise” on this earth! LOL 🙂 (Don’t let the picture fool you. Some parts of it look like a “prison complex!” IMO!!!)