This is what is usually said by the head of DCPS transportation at the beginning and end of the school year when we have our meetings. I don’t know if he’s a Christian or not, but he mentions this often.

I am now resting in the fact that God has me here for His purposes. I’ve tried to leave a couple of times years ago, but God shut the door on those opportunities.  I’ve now reached the four year mark for being a bus driver and I’ve been working in DCPS (contractors first and then official government employee) for 11 years.

I’ve seen people leave and then come back because of different reasons. Maybe some went to other jobs, didn’t like it and then came back. Sometimes, people go to a new job and then come back to DCPS because the job may be more harder to do or they may realize the job is more stricter. Whatever the case may be, this job is not that hard to do, if you do what you are assigned to do.

I’ve complained in the past about the pay issue. I know that it’s a sin to complain because that means I’m not really trusting in God to provide for me. I pray that I wouldn’t complain anymore. I often say “I don’t have enough money to do this or that (extracurricular) or to go here or there”….but God has provided for my needs. I have bills to pay and they are met every month. I may not make enough money to live in my own apartment or pay for my own home, but God has provided a place for me where I don’t have to pay a lot of money, and I’m thankful to God for that.

Some people may say that I’m limiting myself because I choose the job that I have now. Realistically, I couldn’t imagine myself working anywhere else right now. Clerical work is pretty boring and repetitive…..I worked it for two summer jobs and I completed my work so fast, they didn’t have anything else to give me. Yeah, it may pay me more money than I’m making now, but I will bore pretty quickly. The field of radio is the only place I’d rather work…but that’s another topic. lol

Driving a school bus can be tiring, but it’s challenging everyday. I never know what I’ll encounter on a daily basis and I’m not stuck behind a desk all day (no disrespect to those who do.) So, I’ll stay here until the Lord tells me to move on to something else. Who knows….maybe working in this work environment (the many hundred of folks from different backgrounds and nationalities) may help me in a future ministry endeavor. Maybe, God is using me to be example of His love, compassion and mercy so that others may see Him through me and be saved. Ya never now….

1 Thessalonians 5:18

18in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.