This has to be one of my ‘most embarrassing moments” at work today!

I had so much on my mind at home before I went back to work for the PM and I accidentally put on two different color shoes!

Now, the shoes were the same brand and I didn’t even look down to see what I was putting on my feet. I was focused on trying not to be late going back to work and trying to wrap up eating my lunch.

I didn’t notice until I walked on the lot and looked down at my feet! LOL! embarrassing! I played it off for a while, but then I told my attendant and some of the ladies at the table where I normally sit. They were laughing! I had to laugh at myself. It was difficult to ignore the fact that I had mismatched shoes on and some of the employees noticed. My former attendant came up to me and asked me did I realize I had on different shoes? LOL..I told her I did. She said, “I know about getting dressed in the dark, but what is this?” LOL

Later on, as I was driving my kids home from school, some delinquent child threw a rock at the bus. It hit the windshield, but there was not any major damage. I don’t get the ‘thrill’ of throwing a rock, egg (yes I’ve seen an egg being thrown at the bus) or a snowball at a bus. It’s hard to catch the guilty person, but God sees.