It seems if the terminal manager for my bus lot has been fired….for good.

When I arrived at work for the PM shift, one of my co-workers asked me had I heard about this manager. I didn’t hear about it because I was not there.

Apparently, (after several comments) the man that oversees all the bus lots came and made an announcement about the manager “no longer being with us and don’t ask any questions.” He also made another announcement over the loud speaker to the employees who were outside of the facility so that they can hear the news.

I wish I could know why she was fired. Rumors are flying around and It’ll be nice to know the truth. Now, miss lady is not all innocent. Earlier this year, there was an article in a local paper about a child advocacy group wanting her gone because she was convicted of insurance fraud as well as accused of overpaying a certain group of people and then getting a rewarded monetarily for hooking them up. Some of those people went to their countries’ embassy and complained (after she ‘allegedly’ threatened to not hook them up anymore.) That ended up in the paper as well.

There has also been some other questionable things done in the past. Now, one thing she did do is her job and she did it well (despite the negative issues.)

She did command a respect among some (if not most) of the employees there. She would have your back (for the most part) if you were doing what you were supposed to do and made a minor mistake or was blamed for something you didn’t do. I have had a decent experience with her. I pretty much stay out of her way and do my job and we’ve known each other for a while (from a distance.)

Another woman is going to take over. I don’t really care to much for her personality. But, she’s the one and I’ll respect her in that position. I think we have a fully capable man (who is an assistant terminal manager), but I guess since he hasn’t had much experience, they made the decision to give it to her.

I don’t know how this will affect my work environment, but I already see some changes as of yesterday. ::smh:: I think people are going to be more off the hook than they are now! We just got some new people in this week and I wonder how they’ll take it.

I pray the will of God be done.