“CD’s and Movies…”

That’s what I hear often when on my way up the sidewalk to my bus lot. People are always hustlin’ something! Whether it’s the “Nabisco Man,” who hooks folks up with three packs of “‘Oreo’s, Ginger Snaps, or Wheat Thins’ for five dollars, getting the hook up from a lady who sells household products, the ‘tennis shoe man’, who occasionally hooks folks up with sneakers, ‘the man in the red van’ who hooks folks up with Obama T-Shirts, purses, and Redskins hats, ‘the magazine man’ who sells magazines for a dollar and has his occassional bags of chips to sell, to lastly the latest person who seems like he cleaned out his mama’s basement or went to the Thrift Store to get some books, you really don’t have to leave the workplace to go shopping! LOL

Add to that the employees who sell Avon, candy/snacks and other things, you don’t have to go to the store or mall to get anything! 🙂