So, child #1 wants to cry and whine this morning….like my attendant said, “he has a new tune everyday!” LOL….when he whines, it sound like he is humming some type of tune….it’s funny, but annoying! Child #4 didn’t come to school today, while child #6 was crying a whole lot when we came to pick him up. He was apparently in pain. He was limping a little bit when he stepped on the bus. His mother said that she checked his foot and nothing was wrong. He may have gotten a cramp and it still hurt. Poor baby! He was crying a little more when we were on the way to the school, but he eventually stopped. I noticed when he stepped off the bus, when we arrived at the school, he was still limping. I hope he gets some help, whatever the problem is.

In the PM…child #5 was crying and snotting on his way to the bus and while he was on it. He’s the one that likes to take the toys from the classroom and has a fit if they take it from him….Well, they gave it to him anyway and he still was crying! His mama needs to do something with him! Child #1 was sick today. My attendant told me that the teacher told her was vomiting a lot. My attendant spoke with his mother when we dropped him off and she said she’ll keep him home tomorrow. Also, child #6’s mother said she was taking him to the doctor’s tomorrow, so I’m down to 4 children to take to school tomorrow. That’s the thing about little kids, you never know what they have going on with them and they can make u sick easier than the older ones. I pray everything works out for the kiddos!