I forgot to post yesterday, I had some things on my mind. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. This morning, I found out that one of my kids had been removed from my route (child #4). His mother had informed us that he was going to get picked up and dropped off from a daycare. I guess my bus wasn’t scheduled to pick him up from there. Child #1 is still asking about that dang blasted “Bad Boys!” lol  Myself and my attendant asked his mother to see what obsession he had with that movie. She said that when she did have it he tore the box up and scratched up the DVD. I asked him about it and he said “It was an accident!” He said it with innocence in his voice. LOL

In the PM, it was pretty cool….it seems like it takes so long for the day to end, but I praise God for having a job, even when I don’t feel like going in.