Me, stupid? What did I do?

In the AM….the child that was taken off my route yesterday was put back on today. It was the wrong address because the day care provider said he hadn’t been at that daycare since last year. Myself and my attendant had a chance to talk to his mama and there was a mix-up. I don’t know if he’ll be riding though, because the address may be out of the way. We’ll see. 🙂

In the PM…the school where I pick up and drop off my kids, there is a problem with parking. The street is really narrow and it’s tight for two cars to get down the street. There is little space for the buses to park. The school doesn’t accomodate us, knowing that some of our kids have physical disabilities. So, this one lady decided to have an attitude because she didn’t even attempt to try to pass. I was in a parked in a place where she could go around, but it was tight. Two or three cars went by me and she’s having a cow. When she drives by she says “stupid!” and I say “Excuse me?!?” But she kept on going….I was heated…..she was the stupid one by sitting there….

I’m glad she didn’t stop to hear what I had to say. I know that wouldn’t have been Christ-Like at all. I have to be “slow to anger.”