In the morning when I come into work, I usually sit down at one of the tables with a few of my co-workers and stay for a while until it’s time for me to pick up my kids. Well, this morning, I was greeted by frowns and lack of communication. Some of the co-workers who were sitting at the table are going through issues with their routes. We are short staffed and they are doubling routes and sending those whose routes are doubled somewhere else. I can definitely sympathize with them, because I’ve been through it before. It’s very frustrating.

I still try to be consistent in my character with people even though I may feel frustrated or having a downer of a day. I had to leave the table, because they were making me feel a little depressed and I was feeling all that well this morning. I didn’t want to be around them and feel even worse.

My kids were okay this morning. I had to get on them for being a little loud. Child #1 is still asking me about giving him “Bad Boys.” He didn’t cry as much today, he did whine for a minute or two. I’m glad Monday mornings are light with the traffic.

In the PM…thinks were smoother. Child #4 didn’t want to go home and was crying and whining (he’s 4). But he eventually stopped. smh…I’m glad for Monday’s traffic. It definitely gave me a little breather as I had a lot on my mind….. šŸ™‚