In the AM….child #1 wanted “Bad Boys,” and then he starts crying for his mommy (once again!) I told him he couldn’t have Bad Boys because he was crying….he eventually stopped when we arrived @ child #2’s home. Child #7 had a hissy fit this when we arrived to pick him up. His mother was waiting with him instead of his father, who usually has him. He didn’t want to get on the bus and my attendant had to struggle with him a little. He eventually calmed down and we made it to the school on time. Mornings are tough!

In the PM….Child #6 had a fit. He “borrows” toys from the school and most of the time brings them back. A male teacher had to assist us with him. He apparently took a bookbag full of toys and the teachers took them away from him. He eventually calmed down because my attendant got on him. I think he is spoiled…

There is a new traffic pattern that makes my route more of a challenge. How fun! I’m glad it’s done and I’m home. I thank God for everyday I make it through.