I forgot to post my day since I had such a crazy day. The AM is the most challenging time of the day and it seems to lighten up in the PM, on the way to take the kids home. Driving was very challenging for me this morning. Getting cut off and people just doing dumb stuff is very annoying and frustrating. I try not to voice my anger so the kids won’t get scared, and it’s sometimes hard for me to shut my mouth and overlook the fault of the other person. I definitely need the grace of God everyday, because sometimes I don’t want to go to work and I feel like giving up.

I saw my Sunday School teacher from my former church at the school in the PM and he told me that one of the member’s daughter died that morning. She had been sick for years. The last I attended that church was in 2005 and she had been sick for at least 2 years. It’s amazing to see someone one day a normal teenager and then all of a sudden weak, sick and in and out of the hospital. Her mother is a strong mother! She had to deal with so much.

I pray for their family that God will comfort them and His peace will be upon them. I also pray that those who are not saved in their family would realize how fragile life is and surrender to Jesus.